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water-based release agent

Product introduction
This release agent product is a release agent for the application and molding of PU-FOAM's polyester-system for v...
Main parameter

Density (20℃): 0.95-1.05g/c.c.

Appearance: white emulsion

Solvent : ---

Ingredients : silicone emulsion &wax


Product introduction
Main parameter

Color paste

Product introduction
In the polyol, about 1-5% (according to the actual needs) of the color paste is added to the polyol together with oth...
Main parameter

Slurry boiling point >200℃

Special aroma Flash point >150℃

Black Viscosity (20℃) >800mPa.s

1.05-1.92KG/L solid particle fineness 5um-15um

PU out-of-mold paint

Product introduction
During use, pay attention to the distance between the spray gun and the mold, which should be kept between 18cm-25cm....
Main parameter

Chemical Abstracts Number(CAS No):-8030-30-6

PU in-mold paint

Product introduction
The in-mold paint must be stirred evenly before use, and the stirring time should not be less than 5 minutes
Main parameter

Mold temperature as far as possible to reach between 45 ℃ -55 ℃ is more suitable for pouring

Waxy release agent

Product introduction
Release agent for polyurethane
Main parameter