I. PU/TPU release agent
 1. Unctuous highly-concentrated release agent;
 2. Aqueous concentrated release agent;
 3. End-product diluted release agent;

 II. PU/TPU color paste:

 1. Black color paste
 2. White color paste
 3. Colorful color paste

 4. Semitransparent
 transparent paste

III. Soft-PVC color paste of various colors
IV. Sponge and PU leather color paste
V. PU high-performance anti-xanthogenating agent
VI. PU antistatic agent
 VII. PU sole-treating compound and solvent::
 1. Mortar, polishes, and dulling agent
 2. Butanone, volatile fluid(blob remover).
 3. Dimethyl formamide (DMF), dioctyl (DOP)

 VIII. Die resin